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Large companies probably have access to a lot of technical expertise in-house, and already have good contacts with local and national government, with a finger on the pulse to know what financial incentives are available for Research and Development or Training activities.

If your company is smaller, then the chances are that the technical capability that you have in-house is more limited to the must-have capabilities for your daily production, and your work schedule demands are lumpy, meaning that your staff are frequently too busy to be able to stop and search for new expertise.

In regard to available funding and incentives, you might already have an awareness of schemes such as:

But there are probably a myriad of other schemes and incentives that are specific to your local geography, industry sector, or particular circumstances.

At WOT-i we have experience in finding external experts and building collaborative teams. We can find you experts, potential funding streams, and even write and administer your research funding bid for you, if that is what you want!

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