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Your company might be small or large, old or new, and based on manufacturing of a tangible product, or a less tangible service. Whatever your company does, and whatever its origins were, the fact remains that you get used to your internal processes, and the technical capabilities expected of your staff.

Once in a while, a staff member will have a new idea, and the business will review whether or not adopt it.

  • Do you encourage your staff to make suggestions?
  • How do you react to such suggestions?
  • Do you create a culture in which new ideas are seen to be valued and rewarded, even where there might be good business reasons for not adopting them?

Even if your company is a very large one, the number of your staff is finite, and there will be a tendency for an inward-looking culture to form: "That's the way we do it here." To begin to break free of this, it can be helpful to encourage staff to attend business briefings, conferences, or other personal development. Developing managed external relationships with non-competitor organisations could also help to enliven staff, and engender a more collaborative and innovative mind-set within the company.

An initial innovation assessment could help you identify particular strengths and weaknesses in your company operations or technology. Combining this with an assessment of what real benefits could be achievable would help you to target any actions that you wish to take.

We offer two forms of Innovation Assessment:

WOT-i Innovation Assessment

Here at WOT-i Ltd we have been developing expertise around the processes of innovation and decision-making in uncertainty.

Our focus has been primarily for product development, where there is a high barrier to market entry, the costs of developing the necessary technology capability are high, and there are high risks in both the development and operation of the product in service.

We recommend own independent Innovation Assessment to particular clients for the following reasons:

  • For SME clients, our approach is proportionate and focussed to their particular circumstances and needs.
  • We offer assessment and support, particularly in the area of engineering and technology capability programme management, and issues around programme costing and risk management.

Information about our innovation management capabilities is posted from time to time through our WOT-i blog.

InnoSurvey® Assessment

We can also offer an innovation assessment using the Innovation 360 Group AB InnoSurvey® tool.

In our view, this is the most sophisticated and complete combined innovation assessment tool available at the current time.

This tool uses a structured questionnaire which would be distributed to your company management, a representative number of employees and a representative group of external suppliers and customers. The data obtained from that survey is then compared with data generated by a huge pool of other companies.

Based on your results, a detailed report is generated, providing indicators around innovation management style, and strengths and possible weaknesses in innovation within your company relative to your target market, your product offering, your organisation structure and your sales methodologies. For more information, read the Wheel of Innovation.

We published a short article which is available in our Library.

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